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Planets in astrology

The planets have an important place in astrology. Actually, the position and positions of the planets were studied for astrological prediction. These planets have their own nature and their own nature. These humans have direct influence in life. Let us know how important the planets are in astrology. To know about a particular planet, you can click on that planet -

There are 9 planets in Vedic astrology called Navagraha. In this, Sun and Moon are also considered as planets. Apart from this, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu are also included in these. However, Rahu and Ketu planets are called shadow planets. These planets have their own different nature and their own different nature. Some of these planets are auspicious and some cruel planets due to their specialties. However, only Mercury is a planet that falls under the category of neutral planets.

Auspicious planet Neutral planet Cruel planet
Jupiter, Venus, Bali Moon Mercury Mars, Ketu, Saturn, Rahu, Sun

All the planets in the above table are divided into three categories. These include Jupiter and Venus in the auspicious planets, while the cruel planets include the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. While Mercury is a neutral planet, that is, it gives an inauspicious effect when it is with an auspicious and inauspicious planet. The Moon is in both the auspicious and inauspicious planets. Although it is considered auspicious planet only when it is weak, while weak it gives the same results as the cruel planet. All astrological calculations are possible only by them.

What are planets?

According to astrology, planets (excluding Rahu-Ketu) are those celestial bodies located in the sky which remain in motion. All kinds of animals and humans living on planet Earth have an impact on their lives. According to astronomy, the planets are bound in a certain distance from each other by the force of gravity in the solar system and they are orbiting the Sun. In this all the planets have a fixed speed. Such as the lunar motion, so the moon is the fastest transit time is lowest. Similarly, the speed of Saturn is the slowest and during transit it takes about two and a half years to move from one zodiac to another.

Origin of planets according to astronomy

According to the Big Bang Theory in astronomy, it is believed that the universe was created by a great explosion. According to this theory, about 14 billion years ago, the entire universe was in the form of a unit in which a terrible explosion occurred and due to this great explosion, the entire universe was filled with helium and hydrogen and other gases. After a long period of time, the planets and stars of the sky Ganges were born in space. In astronomy, it has been called the theory of the Great Explosion. According to astronomy, the planets began to revolve around the Sun as its center. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn come first in the ascending order of planets distance from Sun. Of these, only Earth is a planet that has life. Due to high amount of water, it is also called blue planet.

Importance of planets in astrology

In the Vedic tradition a person is named according to his zodiac sign. Whereas the information of the zodiac is obtained from the birth chart of the native and the position of the planet and constellation is known from the horoscope. Therefore according to Hindu astrology, the effect of planets directly affects the life of a person. It can be understood properly from the birth chart of that person. In astrology, the Navagraha horoscope has 12 factors. You can understand it well with the help of the following table -

Planet Sentiment factor
Moon The fourth
Mars Third, Sixth
Wed Fourth, tenth
Jupiter Second, fifth, ninth, tenth, eleventh
Venus Seventh, twilight
Saturn Seventh, eighth, tenth
Sun First, ninth, tenth

Results of sight and location of planets in astrology

In the horoscope, all the planets keep an eye on the seventh house. However, in these the planet Jupiter keeps its fifth and ninth house visible. Whereas Saturn also looks at the third and tenth house. Apart from this, Mars sees the fourth and eighth house. Rahu and Ketu have complete vision in the fifth and ninth house respectively. If the Moon, Mercury and Venus in the horoscope increase the results of the place. Similarly, the place where Jupiter sits on the planet decreases the fruits of that house, but it increases the results of the house on which it looks. Apart from this, both the house in which the planet Mars sits and the emotion it sees have negative consequences. However it gives good results in its home. In astrology, planets are the masters of the zodiac signs in the Bhachakra . But Rahu and Ketu are not lord of any zodiac due to being a shadow planet. These planets also have low and high zodiac signs. like -

Planet Ownership amount High amount Low amount
Sun Lion Aries Libra
Moon Cancer Taurus Scorpio
Mars Aries, Scorpio Capricorn Cancer
Wed Gemini, Virgo Virgo Pisces
Master Sagittarius, Pisces Cancer Capricorn
Venus Taurus Pisces Virgo
Saturn Capricorn, Aquarius Libra Aries
Rahu - Gemini Sagittarius
Ketu - Sagittarius Gemini

Importance of planets religiously

India has been the center of religion and spirituality for the world for centuries. The Vedic / Sanatan tradition has attracted the people of the world. Every living and non-living thing is given importance in the prevailing Hindu culture, which is made for human welfare. It includes trees, plants, life, animals, water, land and forest etc. Realizing their widespread importance, in the Vedic period, sages and sages associated them with religion and today followers of this tradition worship them in different ways. In this way, the planets are worshiped as deities. In the Navagrahas, the planet Sun is considered to be the form of the Sun God. While Moon is related to Lord Shiva. At the same time, Mars is considered to be the form of three Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Similarly, Mercury and Jupiter are related to Lord Vishnu and Brahma ji respectively. Venus is associated with the planet Lakshmi. Saturn is the symbol of Shani Dev and Rahu is associated with Bhairo Baba while Ketu is associated with Lord Ganesha. Navagrahas are worshiped in temples here. You will find temples of Shani Dev in many places in the country.

Nature of planets

Sun Planet - In Vedic astrology, Sun has been considered as a factor of energy, might, spirit, ego, fame, honor, father and king. Sun is the most dominant planet in the Navagraha of astrology. Therefore it is also called the king of planets. In Western astrology, the Sun sign is considered to be the basis for the spread. If the person whose position of Sun is dominant in the horoscope or it is sitting in auspicious position, then the person gets very good results. Due to its positive effect, the person gets respect and dignity in life and a high position in government job. It develops the qualities of leadership within the person by its influence. In the human body, the sun has been considered to be the center of the brain. Moon Planet - In the Navagrahas, the Moon has been considered as a factor of mind, mother, money, travel and water. In Vedic astrology, the zodiac sign in which the Moon is situated at the time of birth is called Jataka zodiac sign. In Hindu astrology horoscopes Lunar amount is considered the base. If the person whose moon is sitting in auspicious position in the birth chart, then that person gets good results. Due to this effect, a person remains mentally healthy and his mind is engaged in good works. Whereas when the Moon is weak the person has problems like mental stress or depression. Man's imaginations are governed by the lunar planet itself. Mars - In astrology, Mars is considered to be a factor of strength, might, courage, army, anger, excitement, younger brother, and weapon. Apart from this, it is also a factor of war, enemies, land, real estate, police etc. According to the Garuna Purana, Mars lives in the eyes of humans. If a person has good Mars, he will be a fearless and courageous person by nature and he will win in battle. But if Mars is sitting in an inauspicious position in the birth chart of a person, then the native will get negative results. Like - a person will be angry with small things and he will also be involved in fights. In astrology, Mars is classified as a cruel planet. On Tue defects Due to this, the natives have to face problems in their marital life. Mercury Planet - In Vedic astrology, Mercury is considered a factor of intelligence, logic, mathematics, communication, cleverness, maternal uncle and friend. Mercury is a neutral planet. Therefore, whichever planet it comes in association with, according to that, the person gets its results. If the position of Mercury is weak in the horoscope, then the person has to face problems in mathematics, reasoning, intelligence and communication. Whereas, when the situation is strong, the native gets very good results in the above field. The planet Mercury dwells in the heart of man. According to astrology, the favorite color of the planet Mercury is green. Jupiter Planet - In astrology, Jupiter is also known as Guru. Guru is considered to be a factor of education, teacher, religion, elder brother, charity, charity, children etc. If a person has a strong position in the horoscope, then that person leads in the field of knowledge. Apart from this, that person is religious in nature and gets child happiness in life. On the other hand, if Jupiter is weak in horoscope, then it has negative effect in the above things. Jupiter loves yellow color. Venus - Shukra is a bright planet. It is a factor of marriage, love, beauty, romance, sexual desire, luxury, material pleasures, husband-wife, music, art, fashion, design, etc. Venus has been considered a factor of semen, especially in men's horoscopes. If the position of Venus is strong in the horoscope of a person, then the person gets the benefit of physical and physical comforts in life. If the person is married, his married life is happy. On the other hand, if Venus is weak in the horoscope then the native gets to see inauspicious results in the above area. Pink color is good for Venus. Saturn - Saturn is a sinful planet and has the slowest movement. Hence, the duration of its transit is the largest among all the planets. During Saturn transit, a zodiac sign lasts for about two to two and a half years. Hence one gets late results. In astrology, Saturn is considered a factor of age, misery, disease, pain, science, technology, iron, mineral oil, employees, servants, prisons etc. If a person has horoscope Shani Dosh then he has to face loss in the above mentioned area. Saturn has a great influence in astrology. Saturn is the place of the navel in a person's body. Black colored clothes are worn for Saturn. Rahu planet - Rahu is a shadow planet. In astrology, Rahu is a factor of harsh speech, gambling, trips, theft, wickedness, skin diseases, religious journeys etc. If a person whose horoscope Rahu is sitting in inauspicious place, then Rahu dosha occurs in his horoscope and he has to face many problems. Due to its negative effects, the person has to face physical, mental and financial troubles. Rahu is considered a sinful planet in astrology due to its nature. Rahu is in the human face. Rahu and Ketu are hated by both the Sun and the Moon and because of this hatred, they curse both the Sun and the Moon as an eclipse. Ketu Planet - Like Rahu, Ketu is also a sinful planet. It does not own any amount in astrology. According to Vedic astrology, Ketu is considered to be the cause of tantra-mantra, moksha, magic, sorcery, wounds, fever and pain. If Ketu is sitting in inauspicious place in the person's horoscope, then the person has to face loss in various areas. Whereas Ketu, if the horoscope is strong, it takes the person away from the worldly world. With this effect, the person becomes more interested in esoteric science. Ketu's location in the human body varies from person's gorge to heart. Due to the influence of both Rahu and Ketu, Kaal Sarp Dosh is formed in a person's horoscope . Here you have understood in detail the importance of planets in astrology. Therefore you must have come to know how extensively the Navagrahas are in our lives. How planets define every area of ​our​ life. That is, it can be said that the effects of planets on life cannot be denied.

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