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Lal Kitab is one of the major branches of the divine science of Astrology. It is a collection of 5 books that were written by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi between 1939 and 1952. The books are written in ancient Urdu Language and not the Sanskrit. These books help you understand a new style of horoscopic analysis by easy and quick remedies. The Lal Kitab covers up the dimensions that were not given much importance in the Classical Astrology. Although the collection of these books is much younger than the older and classical astrology, still they cover up most of the day to day aspects. Also, its wide coverage of topics put Lal Kitab in the same league of Ancient Hindu Samhitas. One other important fact to note is that palmistry, Vastu and Phrenology are also sub-parts of the Lal Kitab.

Why Lal Kitab is so much important?

Since, in Kaliyuga Havana, Mantra, Japa, Sadhna, Yagna have become so much difficult, Lal Kitab provides you with quick, easy and affordable remedies. This set of remedies can provide you with instant results if studied properly. So, if you are using these remedies after analyzing your situation properly, you can turn your life upside down and eliminate all the problems. It is also advisable that you go through them properly. In case any remedy backfires or bring a negative impact on life, stop performing these remedies.

What are the features of Lal Kitab?

Lal Kitab offers you with certain situations that you can compare with your current habitat. Based on that analysis, you can use certain remedies to eliminate the barriers in your life. Currently, several astrologers and scholars are still trying to decode Lal Kitab as much as possible. The study will uncover the secrets and the solutions which are still underlying in the darkness. This research will help our forthcoming generations. Due to the lack of knowledge, people are often cheated and looted by the frauds. That’s why if you wish to learn Lal Kitab, you can check out our Lal Kitab section or you can email us.

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