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Vedic Astrology has the answer to almost all your problems. Be it the tension in your life, your family, relation or your job. One of the most important branches of this Astrology is Lal Kitab. If you’re not familiar with the term Lal Kitab, let us find out what it is?

What is a Lal Kitab?

Lal Kitab is a collection of 5 books which introduce us to a new style of horoscopic analysis allowing us with a quick solution and affordable remedies. The books are written in ancient Urdu language between 1939 and 1952. Although the authorship of the books is disputed, the deeper resources show that these books were compiled by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi. As we discussed above, the books are written in Urdu and not in the verses of Sanskrit. In this book, astrological calculations are based on a permanent master planet. Here, Aries Zodiac Sign has been assigned the first house, Taurus the second house and in a similar manner all the 12 quarters are filled up. The Lal Kitab is of much importance as it mentions the measures which are pretty easy to perform even for a normal person. With the help of these remedies, anyone gets rid of the problems and defects they are currently facing in their life.

What are the features of Lal Kitab? Lal Kitab aimed to make Astrology and Horoscope reading simpler. It is so simple that a normal person can examine his/her situation by comparing the circumstances around him. Through this, he will be able to produce results easily. The rules of Lal Kitab are different from the Vedic Astrology. For example: If a person is born in Zodiac Sign Taurus, his birth chart will be written accordingly. But, on the other hand, that’s not the case for Lal Kitab. Here, every house has a specific position and sequence like the first house will be written in Aries, followed by Taurus and so on.

In this book, the most important terms for you are:

  • Permanent Home and Paramanent Home
  • Soya Hua Grah or Position of the Sleeping Planet
  • Soya Hua Ghar or Sleeping Position of the House
  • Sathi Grah or Companion Planets
  • Dharmik your religious gold
  • Each of them is described below in detail. Let’s check it out.

Permanent house

Unlike Vedic Astrology, every house does not have a fixed nature in this book. Here, Aries has been given the first house, Taurus the second followed by Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Since the lord of the Aries is Mangal, that’s why the Pakka Ghar of Mars will be the first house. The permanent House of the Moon is the fourth one, while the Ninth and Tenth houses are occupied by Jupiter. The eleventh house is considered as the permanent home of the Saturn according to the Lal Kitab.

oya Hua Grah Or Sleeping Position of the PlanetS

The Planets except those who have been already assigned a Pakka Grah or a permanent home are known as the Soya Hua Grah or in the Sleeping Position. They are known as the Soya Hua Grah or in the sleeping position because their effects are purely limited. Their effects are only due to the location of the house. Consider a situation for a Kundali where Venus has been assigned the fourth quote or position, and the tenth position is empty. In such a case, the seventh sight of Venus will be directly on the tenth house. But since its empty, its effects will be only limited to the fourth house and it will conduce accordingly.

Soya Hua Ghar or Sleeping Position of the House

If a house is empty in a Lal Kitab Kundali or is out of sight of any other planet, it is considered as Soya Hua Ghar or Sleeping Position. This means that the planet can’t be of any help unless it is awakened up by some remedies. Following are some remedies that are mentioned in the Lal Kitab for the awakening of Soya Hua Ghar:

  • Mars remedies should be followed to awaken the first house .
  • Moon remedies should be followed to awaken the Second house.
  • Mercury remedies should be used to awaken the third house.
  • Moon remedies should be followed to awaken the fourth house .
  • Sun remedies should be used to awaken the fifth house.
  • Rahu remedies should be used to awaken the sixth house.
  • Venus remedies should be followed to awaken the seventh house.
  • Moon remedies should be used to awaken the eighth house.
  • Jupiter remedies should be used to awaken the ninth house.
  • Saturn remedies should be used to awaken the tenth house.
  • Jupiter remedies should be followed to awaken the eleventh house.
  • Ketu remedies should be followed to awaken the twelfth house.

Sathi Planets or Companion Planets

According to the Lal Kitab, the Sathi Grah or the Companion Planets are those which sit in one another’s Pakka Ghar or Permanent Home position. In such a case, these planets do not have a bad effect on each other. This interchanging of positions conduces a good effect, unlike Vedic Astrology where some Planets are enemies to one another.

Dharmik Teva or the Religious Teva

According to the book, if the planet Saturn and Jupiter form a sum in the Kundali, then this condition is known as the Dharmi or the Righteous Teva. This is considered a good omen and such a situation eliminate all the difficulties in one’s life. Moreover, if these two planets sum up in the sixth, ninth or the eleventh house, it brings good effects to one’s life. Other than the above-mentioned terms, we have the Blind Planet or Blind Teva which is known as Andha Teva and Minor Teva or Nabalig Teva. Apart from that, the book covers the following types of debts:

  • The Debt of Father or Pitr Rin
  • The Debt of Mother or Matr Rin
  • The Debt of Brother or Bhratra Rin
  • The Debt of Sister or Bahin Rin
  • The Debt of Daughter or Putri Rin
  • The Debt of Woman or Stree Rin
  • The Debt of Cruelty or Nirdayi Rin
  • The Debt of Unborn or Ajanma Rin The Debt of Unborn or Ajanma Rin
  • The Debt of Self or Swa Rin
  • Dabt of Divine and Divine Loans

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