Complete Kundali Analysis

With the help of Birth details given by you Vedic Guru Pt. Raja Mishra analyses  the exact position of stars at the time of your birth & their effects on your whole life. This report not only mention Interpretation of Planetary position, General characteristics, Nakshatra and its effects, Favorable and Lucky points in horoscope,  Nature, Tendencies but also Personality, Health & Disease, Finance, Romance and Marriage, Professions, favourable Stones & Different Yogas in the Kundali. Complete analysis will help you in taking important decisions related to your life as it indicates the upcoming hurdles also. You can send your queries also .

Guru Ji also suggests Stone remedy & mantra or puja upchaar wherever necessary.

Complete Kundali Analysis Report will be sent in Hindi Language only.

Fee: Rs 11500/- only Delivery: By Email Within 20-25 Working Days (excluding Sat & Sun)

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