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Astrology Calculators for all your calculation needs As we all know that a calculator is a device that is used to calculate calculative things. Since childhood, we are using our calculators for mathematical calculations. But this time, mishra4you has developed some 'Pseudoscientific Calculators' to calculate things like, Rasi, Nakshatra, Moon Sign, Ayanamsa and many more. Keeping inevitable demands of Astrology and other pseudoscience believers in mind, Mishra4You has developed some calculators like Numerology Calculator, Moon Sign Calculator, Rasi Calculator, Ascendant Calculator, Ayanamsa Calculator and Nakshatra Calculator, to name a few.

Numerology Calculator

The ancient science of Numbers known as Numerology, as the name suggests, places excess faith in numerical patterns...

Moon Sign Calculator

Vedic astrology gives more importance to the Moon Signs than the Sun signs for horoscopes. In fact, Vedic astrology...

Rasi Calculator

Calculate your exact Rasi and know what renowned ancient Vedic Astrologers have said about the twelve.. .

Rising Ascendant Calculator

Ascendant is the zodiacal sign and degree that was ascending on the eastern horizon at that specific time and location...

Nakshatra Calculator

Nakshatra is also called constellation or star in English. Zodiac is an imaginary belt of 360 degrees encircling the heavens... .

Sun Sign Calculator

Find Naam Rasi i.e. find Rasi from your name. This Naam Rashi tool is useful if you do not know your birth date and hence not aware of your rashi...

Friendship Calculator

Friendship Calculator is a means to test your level of friendship with the person you find trustworthy and loyal.... .

Love Calculator

Use this quick and easy love calculator to test the love compatibility between you and your sweetheart. Find out if he/she is your soulmate....

Gemstone Calculator

This gemstone calculator tells about the appropriate gemstone after calculating the weak and strong positions of the planets ....

In Astrology, if we want to know the predictions for ourselves or particular someone, we have to give the birth details and name of that person. Everything in Astrology can only be known after entering the requisite details. Further, to read a horoscope, one should be aware of his Moon sign or Sun sign (as per the horoscope). Sun sign is the one that is classified as per solar calendar and Moon sign is the one that is classified on the lunar calendar. Similarly, Numerology can only predict things as per your lucky number; in that case, you should know your lucky number. Obviously, most of the people are not aware of these things. That is why Mishra4You has developed certain 'Scientific Calculators' for FREE to meet your demands.

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