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Importance Of Venus In Astrology

In astrology, the planet Venus influences the 12 houses in the horoscope differently. These effects affect our direct lives. Apart from this, Venus is an auspicious planet, but if Venus is strong in the horoscope, it gives good results to the natives, while being weak it gives inauspicious results. Let us know in detail how different effects of the planet Venus affect - Venus is considered an auspicious planet in Vedic astrology . With this effect, one gets physical, physical and marital happiness. Therefore, in astrology, the planet Venus is considered to be a factor of material happiness, marital happiness, indulgence, beauty, art, talent, beauty, romance, lust and fashion-designing etc. Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra and Pisces is its higher sign, while Virgo is its lower sign. Thankfully the 27 stars of Bharani , Purva Falguni and purva ashadha Constellations are owned. Among the planets Mercury and Saturn are the friendly planets of Venus and the Sun and Moon are considered to be its enemy planets. The transit of Venus is of 23 days duration, that is, Venus lasts for 23 days in a zodiac sign.

According to astrology, the influence of Venus on human life

Physical design and nature - In Hindu astrology, the person who is in the Ascendant house of Venus is beautiful with the appearance of the person. His personality attracts a person of opposite sex. Due to the influence of Venus, it has longevity and by nature it is soft-spoken. Venus in the lagna makes a person interested in singing, playing, dancing, painting. Due to the influence of Venus, the person gives more priority to things related to lust, pleasure and pleasure. The person in whose horoscope Venus is placed in the first house becomes a painter, singer, dancer, artist, actor etc. Bali Venus - Bali Venus makes a person's marital life happy. It increases the feeling of love between the husband and wife. At the same time, romance increases in the lives of the loving people. The person whose Venus is in a strong position in the horoscope, he enjoys material pleasures in life. The person takes interest in literature and art due to Bali Venus. Suffering Venus - Due to afflicted Venus, there are problems in one's marital life. There are differences between husband and wife. Poverty comes in a person's life and he lives in the absence of material comforts. If Venus is weak in the horoscope, then the native has to face many types of physical, mental, economic and social troubles. In order to avoid the effects of afflicted Venus, the people should take measures for the planet Venus . Disease - Due to weak Venus the native's sexual power is weak. Due to its effect, people are at risk of getting kidney related disease. Venus causes miscarriage for the female natives in the eyes related to the person. Vertical - Venus in astrology refers to the field of choreography, musician, painter, fashion, designing, event management, textile related business, hotel, restaurant, tour and travel, theater, litterateur, film industry etc. Products - In astrology, Venus signifies beauty products, electrical products, fancy products, perfumes, confectionery, flowers, sugar, cars, ships, airplanes, petrol etc. Location - Bedroom, Cinema, Garden, Banket Hall, Automobile Industry, Ports, Airport Houses, Mines, Body Trade Area etc. Animals and birds - goat, bull, goat, bird, leopard, etc. Judd - castor root . Gemstone - diamond . Rudraksha - Six Mukhi Rudraksha . Color - Pink. Yantra - Venus Yantra . Mantra of Venus - The Vedic Mantra of Venus

ॐ अन्नात्परिस्त्रुतो रसं ब्रह्मणा व्यपिबत् क्षत्रं पय: सोमं प्रजापति:।
ऋतेन सत्यमिन्द्रियं विपानं शुक्रमन्धस इन्द्रस्येन्द्रियमिदं पयोऽमृतं मधु।।
शुक्र का तांत्रिक मंत्र
ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः
शुक्र का बीज मंत्र
ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः

Importance of planet Venus religiously According to mythological belief, Venus is the guru of Asuras and hence they are also called Shukracharya. It is written in the Bhagavata Purana that Shukra Maharishi is the son of Bhrigu Rishi and as a child he was also known as Kavi or Bhargava. The form of Venus in the scriptures is described as follows - Venus is of white color and rides on a camel, horse or crocodile. They also have punishment, lotus, garland and bow and arrow in their hands. The planet Venus is associated with Goddess Lakshmi Ji, the goddess of wealth, so followers of Hinduism observe fast on Friday to wish wealth and splendor. Importance of planet Venus from astronomical point of view According to astronomy, Venus is a luminous planet. In English it is known as Venus. It is a terrestrial planet. Venus is closest to the Earth in size and distance. Sometimes it is also called the sister of the earth. The planet's atmosphere is filled with the most carbon dioxide gas. The interesting thing related to this planet is that Venus shines fastest before sunrise and only briefly after sunset. For this reason, it is called the morning star or evening star. Thus you can understand how widespread is the importance of the planet Venus in astrology, along with astronomical and religious terms. According to astrology, it is said that the 12 expressions situated in a person's horoscope represent his entire life and when he is affected by the planets, then his influence in a person's life is also visible.

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