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Shanti Transist Horoscope 2020

According to Shanti Transist horoscope of the year 2020

The judicial Saturn transiting from Sagittarius in 2020 is going to be held in Capricorn on January 24. This transit will take place at 12.55 pm Indian time. In the same year, from 11 May 2020 to 29 September 2020, Saturn will transit in Capricorn in retrograde state. In the same year, Saturn will also set on December 27, 2020, due to which the effects of Saturn are slightly reduced. Dhani and Capricorn were already having the effect of Saturn's half-and-half. Now even the first phase of Saturn's half-and-half of Saturn will begin on the Aquarius sign. Shani is the lord of two zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. One of the two zodiac signs of Saturn is going to transit Saturn in Capricorn and the second zodiac sign of Saturn is Aquarius's own zodiac and the original triangle zodiac. Saturn is a disciplinary and judicious planet. Just as a teacher tries to understand our energies and take us on the right path and also punishes us for doing wrong, similarly Saturn also binds us to our limits by remaining disciplined. With the coming of Saturn in Capricorn, we will understand that only by striving will we get success and profit. This is the time when we will strengthen our foundation by making the right plans for our future. Due to Saturn's transit in Capricorn, we should keep an eye on our goal, so that we can reach concrete results. Let us know what will be the effect on your business, job, marriage, love, children, education and health as per your zodiac signs in Shani transit.

Shani transit 2020 Aries horoscope

Saturn Transit 2020: Aries In Saturn, being the lord of the tenth and the eleventh house, you will transit from the zodiac in the tenth house. The tenth house is the spirit of karma and Shani is also the master of karma. Your hard work and struggle will increase a lot in this transit. If you are thinking of new work, then do it by April, because due to Saturn's retroclamation from May 11, new work may be hindered and the benefits you were hoping for will not be available in time. This year will be normal according to your health. Any skin disease can be irritating, so do not be careless. There will be no lack of enthusiasm in you due to Saturn's transcendence and you will scare away any work. Parental support will remain in full swing and you can go for a religious visit with them. From home Remedy: You should recite Neel Shani Stotra by Maharaj Dasharatha and light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree on Saturday evening.

Shani transit 2020 Taurus horoscope

Saturn transits 2020 Saturn in Taurus as the ninth and tenth house lord will transit in the 9th house only. Due to Saturn's transit in luck place, there can be some differences with the father. You should also take care of their health. After more work in the workplace, there are less chances of profit. It will be better if you work with patience and patience. If you are thinking about promotion, then Saturn's transit will make you wait for more. Even for a new job, the beginning of the year will be better, do not change in the middle of the year. This year, keep laziness away from yourself, otherwise some important tasks will be left out of the habit of postponing work tomorrow. By using Rahu in the speech sense, you have to think very carefully and use your speech Remedy: You should wear a good quality Sapphire Gemstone on Saturday on the middle finger in the Panchadhatu or Ashtadhatu ring and chant Shani Mantra.

Shani transit 2020 Gemini horoscope

Saturn in Gemini is the eighth and lord of the ninth house GeminiHe is transiting in the eighth house only. This year, Saturn will influence your karma, Due to which the work place will remain obstructed with the delay and due to the effect of Saturn in the eighth house, you may suddenly face troubles. The economic situation also seems to be weak and in Saturn, it will also reduce income and profit. This year will be better for traveling abroad and all the work related there will be done on time. If you were still struggling with any land related debate in the last year, then this year also seems to be getting rich from there. When Saturn transits in the eighth house from your zodiac, you will sometimes feel confused. If this happens while taking an important decision, seek the advice of a senior or postpone it for some time. This was the horoscope for Gemini sign of Saturn transit 2020. Will remain This was the horoscope for Gemini sign of Saturn transit 2020. Will remain This was the horoscope for Gemini sign of Saturn transit 2020. Remedy: You should keep Saturday fast or you can also keep Shani Pradosh fast. Additionally, avoid wearing dark clothes on Saturday.

Shani transit 2020 Cancer horoscope

Cancer zodiac according to saturn transit 2020 In Saturn, the lord of seventh and eighth house will transit from Cancer sign in seventh house. Keep laziness away from yourself this year because Saturn does not give auspicious results to lazy people. At the beginning of the year some important business decisions will be taken, Which you could not take in the last year. There will also be projects related to foreign countries, which will benefit you. Be sure to take care of the health of the children and it will be necessary to drive the vehicle very carefully. You will benefit from a female friend this year. Money can be spent on any kind of decoration in your house, in which your family will support you fully. Focus on your health in the middle of the year. Any chronic disease can be disturbing. Do not be careless at all. There can also be debates with anyone, which may cost you money to resolve, need to be careful. Remedy: On every Saturday, you should fill mustard oil in an iron or earthen pot and donate a shadow pot after seeing your face in it and help the poor as much as possible.

Shani transit 2020 Leo horoscope

Saturn being the lord of Saturn and VII in Leo sign is transiting in Leo in the seventh house. This Shani will inspire you to work in the right direction this year and will help you in reaching your goal. According to Shani transit 2020, your hard work and struggle will increase a lot this year, which will make you feel very busy. If you are thinking of investing in some land, do it very wisely, otherwise you can be cheated in the middle of the year. If you are making any changes related to jobs, do not do it in the middle of the year. Do not be in a hurry to seek a good position, If you run with restraint, you will also get promotion. Health related problems are visible. Due to any chronic disease, mental tension will remain. An old angry fellow can come back, which will give you a sense of belonging. Remedy: You should donate whole black urad on Saturday and if possible, light a lamp of sesame oil under the Peepal tree in the evening and do seven circumambulation of the Peepal tree.

Shani transit 2020 Virgo horoscope

Saturn in Virgo is the lord of fifth and seventh house and is transiting in Virgo in fifth house. With this transit of Saturn, you can resume any stopped education this year or can also do some research. Saturn's position will make your thinking serious, With which you can go very deep and make an important decision. According to Shani Transit 2020, there will be some confusion this year regarding trade and there will be confusion regarding new work. There may also be differences between employees. Any old government work that was stuck will also be completed this year. You will get full support from parents. An expensive physical item may cost you money. You can also buy jewelery for your girlfriend. The middle of the year is not the best time for vehicle and home related expenses. Remedy: You should keep the fast of Shani Pradosh and light a lamp of mustard oil on Saturday and five grains of urad should be put in it.

Shani transit 2020 Libra zodiac sign

In 2020, Saturn will transit in Libra as the lord of fourth and fifth house in Libra. This year, Saturn will give new opportunities to people in Libra business, but any kind of importance can also cause losses for you. If you were waiting for a project related to abroad, then you will get the benefit from its merger. Do not make any major investment or think of investing in land in the middle of the year, as someone said. Due to Saturn's retrograde, there will also be some differences with mother. Because of this, you may also have to face mental pain. This year, the sum of small visits has also been made and the dream of traveling abroad after September will also come true. Any kind of debate Remedy: You should wear sapphire gem with the best quality . It would be better to wear this gem in the Panchadhatu or Ashtadhatu ring on the middle finger on Saturday. Apart from this, you can also wear jackfruit gemstones .

Shani transit 2020 Scorpio horoscope

Saturn being the lord of 3rd and 4th house in Scorpio sign will transit from Scorpio sign in 3rd house. With the movement of this Saturn, the half-and-half-life going on you will now end. According to Shani Transit 2020, you will feel a bit lazy this year and if you think of avoiding work tomorrow, then the loss will also be yours. If you are thinking of doing any new work in business, then this time would be better for work. The economic condition will also remain normal and there will be no hindrance to the economic situation in the work. In the middle of the year, there can be debate about anything from the mother. With the help of a friend, your stopped work will start smoothly, but do not start any new work with the same friend. Some old stalled education this year again Remedy: You should add flour to ants on Saturday and regularly do the work of cleaning any religious place.

Shani transit 2020 Sagittarius horoscope

Saturn in Sagittarius is the lord of the 2nd and 3rd house and will transit in the 2nd house from Sagittarius. If you want to start any work this year, do it by focusing on yourself completely, then only this Saturn will give you success. With the last phase of Saturn's half-and-half, these Saturns will make you light like gold by going hot. This year will be very hard for business and struggle, but it will also result in better results. For economic condition, this movement will bring some tightness and the problem related to money will remain, But none of your work will stop. This Shani can give you any benefit related to the land. If you are thinking of going abroad, you may have to face many obstacles this year. The father will get financial help and the mother's blessings will remain. This was the horoscope of Sagittarius according to Saturn transit 2020. Remedy: On Saturday, you should wear a metal cloth or black thread with the root of the metal. You can wear this root in your neck or arm. Also, worshiping Lord Hanuman will be of utmost benefit.

Shani transit 2020 Capricorn horoscope

Saturn in Capricorn is the master of Capricorn and second house is transiting in Capricorn itself. The second phase of Saturn's half-century is beginning. Due to which the mental problem will remain, but Saturn transiting in its own zodiac sign will give the same Shani to fight this mental stress. This transit will bring balance and depth to your decision power and you will get your new destination. This movement will bring new opportunities for business and the economic situation will also remain profitable. With the improvement in the economic situation, you will also be able to fulfill the dream of going abroad and if you are thinking of taking your home, then that dream will also be fulfilled. There may be some differences with life partner, but you will get relief from this problem with your understanding. Your health at the end of the year Remedy: You will be most suitable to wear a scorpion on Saturday, and you can wear it in your arms or neck by wrapping or stitching it in a black cloth and in addition to worshiping Shani Dev, it will be better.

Shani transit 2020 Aquarius horoscope

Saturn being the lord of the twelfth and first house in the zodiac sign will transit from the Aquarius sign in the twelfth house. For the Aquarius sign, the first phase of Saturn's half-century will begin. By which struggle and hard work will increase in your zodiac sign and you will get to know the reality of your life. During this time you will start going away and some such relationships will come closer, Which you never thought about. There can be a distance with the spouse about something. Be sure to consult the advice of a senior before starting a new job. For any major investment in business, proceed with thought. The middle of the year is not the best time to change jobs. Money will be spent in decorating the home and your dream of a new vehicle will also come true. This was the horoscope of Aquarius natives in 2020 Saturn transit. Remedy: Starting from Saturday, you should regularly chant Shani Dev's Beej Mantra ॐ Prampu Prānta Sननaश्चaरायरायaraya Namah and provide food to Divyang people on Saturday.

Shani transit 2020 Pisces horoscope

Saturn transits in 2020, Saturn being the lord of the eleventh and twelfth house will transit in the eleventh house from the Pisces sign. When Saturn transits in the eleventh house, its effect will remain on your zodiac sign. Do not let laziness dominate you in this time, otherwise you will be deprived of very important opportunities. Many new business opportunities will come and you will get a chance to move forward. This year you will show something new. Your new identity will also be created in society. Your married life will be happy this year and coming to the life of a new partner will bring happiness in your life. This transit will be better in terms of health, but stay away from laziness. This year, the support of the parents will remain in full and in your financial condition also Remedy: You should worship the auspicious Shani Yantra on Saturday and distribute medicines to the poor on Saturday.

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