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Importance of Rahu planet in astrology

Rahu influences the 12 houses in the horoscope in different ways. These effects affect our direct lives. In astrology, Rahu is a cruel planet, but if Rahu is strong in the horoscope then it gives good results to the natives, while being weak it gives inauspicious results. Let us know in detail how the effect of Rahu planet has different effects -
Rahu in astrology planet is considered a sinful planet. In Vedic astrology, Rahu is called the factor of harsh speech, gambling, travel, theft, evil deeds, skin diseases, religious journeys etc. If a person is sitting in an inauspicious place in Rahu's birth journal, or is suffering, then this person gets negative results. In astrology, Rahu planet does not own any zodiac sign. But in Gemini sign it is high and in Sagittarius sign it is in low house. Among the 27 Nakshatras , Rahu is the lord of Adra , Swati and Shatabhisha Nakshatras. In astrology, Rahu is called a shadow planet. In fact, when the moon comes between the Sun and the Earth and the Moon faces the Sun, the Moon's shadow on the Earth represents Rahu.

Rahu Kaal

According to Hindu Panchang , there is an inauspicious time in the day due to the influence of Rahu planet in which performing auspicious actions is considered taboo. This period is called Rahu Kaal . This period is about one and a half hours and there is a difference in it according to the place and date. According to astrology, the effect of Rahu planet on human life Anatomy and nature - According to Vedic astrology , a person who is Rahu in the Ascendant house located in the horoscope is a beautiful and attractive person. The person does not back down from adventure. Ascendant Rahu makes a person influential in society. However, its effect depends to a large extent on the amount located in the lagna. However according to astrology it is believed that the Rahu of Ascendant is not favorable for the married life of a person. Bali Rahu - In astrology, it is said about Rahu planet that if Rahu is auspicious in the birth chart of a person then he can shine his luck. The strong Rahu in the horoscope makes the person with sharp intelligence. Due to this effect, a person follows his religion and he gets respect and fame in the society. Suffering Rahu - If Rahu is afflicted, the native gets negative results. This creates bad habits inside the native. With the influence of afflicted Rahu the native commits deceit, fraud and deception. A person consumes meat, alcohol and other intoxicants. The afflicted Rahu makes the person unrighteous. Under its influence, the native harasses others. If this happens, the natives should take measures related to Rahu. In astrology, remedies for the peace of the planet Rahu have been described. Disease - A person also has physical problems due to afflicted Rahu. It negatively impacts a person's health. It causes hiccups, dementia, intestinal problems, ulcers, gastric problems etc. Work and Business - Diplomatic work, politics, hunting, law-related work, service, bad deeds, theft, witchcraft, violence, etc. are represented in astrology by Rahu planet. Products - Meat, liquor, gutka, tobacco, bidi, cigarette and other intoxicants are represented by the planet Rahu in astrology. Places - Liquor store, gambling stall, litter pile etc. Places in astrology are represented by Rahu planet. Animals - Birds and animals - Poisonous creatures and black or brown animal birds are represented by Rahu. Herb - The root of Nagarmoth. Gemstone - Onyx . Rudraksha - Eight Mukhi Rudraksha . Yantra - Rahu Yantra . Color - Dark Blue. mantra -

ॐ कया नश्चित्र आ भुवदूती सदावृध: सखा। कया शचिष्ठया वृता।।;">
राहु का तांत्रिक मंत्र;">
ॐ रां राहवे नमः;">
राहु का बीज मंत्र;">
ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः

The importance of Rahu planet in religious terms

From the religious point of view, Rahu planet has great importance. According to the legend, when the urn of nectar came out from the churning of the ocean, there was a fight between the gods and the asuras for amritapan. Then Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and placed him in two separate rows of gods and asuras. Asura fell in fascination with Mohini's beautiful physique and forgot everything there, Mohini cleverly started making amritpana to the gods. Meanwhile, the demon named Swarbhanu disguised himself and sat in the line of the gods and started drinking sips of nectar. At that time, the Sun and the Moon told Lord Vishnu about his demon being. On this, Vishnu separated his head from his torso by his Sudarshan Chakra and he was divided into two parts, these two parts in astrology are known from the planet named Rahu (head) and Ketu (torso). Thus you can understand how widespread is the importance of Rahu planet in astrology along with religious vision. According to astrology, it is said that the 12 expressions situated in a person's horoscope represent his entire life and when he is affected by the planets, then his influence in a person's life is also visible.

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