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Importance of lunar planet in Vedic astrology

The lunar planet has a special place in astrology. However, in astronomy, the Moon is considered a natural satellite of the planet Earth. In astrology, a person's lunar sign is known by it. The lunar planet has different effects in the 12 houses located in the horoscope . You can know those effects in detail here. The Moon is the second planet after the Sun in the order of nine planets . In Vedic astrology, it is a factor of mind, mother, mental state, morale, material things, travel, happiness, peace, wealth, blood, left eye, chest etc. Cancer in Moon sign and Rohini in constellations , Hasta and Shravan NakshatraIs the owner of Its size is the smallest of the planets but it has the fastest speed. The duration of the Moon's transit is the shortest. It transmits from one zodiac to another in about a quarter to two days. Due to the speed of the lunar planet, the destruction, the elf, the Ashtotti state etc. are made at the speed of the lunar planet itself. At the same time, in the Vedic astrology, the lunar sign of a person is considered to be the basis for finding the horoscope . The zodiac sign in which the Moon is situated at the time of birth is called the lunar zodiac sign. According to Lal's book Chandra is an auspicious planet. It bears a gentle and cool nature. In astrology, the lunar planet is called the female planet.

According to astrology, the effect of the moon on human life

Body Design and Nature - According to astrology , a person who has Moon in the Ascendant house is beautiful and attractive to look at and is courageous by nature. By the influence of the lunar planet, the person values ​​his principles. The person is interested in traveling. The Moon in the Ascendant house makes the person a strong imaginative person. With this, the person is more sensitive and emotional. If we talk about the economic life of a person, then he has to face difficulty in accumulation of wealth. Effects of Bali Moon - If the Moon is lit in the horoscope of a person, the person gets positive results. The native is mentally happy due to the moon moon. He gets mental peace and his imaginations are also strong. Due to the moon, the mother's relations are pleasant and the health of the mother is also good. Effects of Suffering Moon: A person suffers mental pain due to afflicted Moon. During this time the memory of the person becomes weak. Mother is suffering from some kind of problem. There is shortage of water in the house. Many times the person tries to commit suicide during this period. Disease- If the Moon is afflicted by a cruel or sinful planet in the horoscope, it has negative effects on the health of the native. This causes the person to suffer from brain pain, headache, tension, depression, fear, nervousness, asthma, blood-related disorders, epileptic seizures, insanity or fainting etc. Vertical - In astrology, business of irrigation, water, beverages, milk, milk products (curd, ghee, butter) foods, petrol, fish, navy, tourism, ice cream, animation etc. are seen from lunar planet. Products - All juicy fruits and vegetables, sugarcane, sweet potato, saffron, maize, silver, pearl, camphor etc. fall under the jurisdiction of the Moon. Location - In astrology, the lunar planet refers to the hill station, water connected places, tanks, wells, forest, dairy, tabela, fridge etc. Animals and Birds - Dogs, cats, white rats, lambs, turtles, fish, etc. Animals are represented by the lunar planet in astrology. Root - Khirni. Gemstone - pearl . Rudraksha - Two Mukhi Rudraksha . Yantra - Chandra Yantra . Color - White Under the remedy of the lunar planet, a person should observe the fast of Monday and chant the lunar mantras. The Vedic Mantra of the lunar planet

ॐ इमं देवा असपत्नं सुवध्यं महते क्षत्राय महते ज्यैष्ठ्याय महते जानराज्यायेन्द्रस्येन्द्रियाय। इमममुष्य
पुत्रममुष्यै पुत्रमस्यै विश एष वोऽमी राजा सोमोऽस्माकं ब्राह्मणानां राजा।।
चंद्र ग्रह का तांत्रिक मंत्र
ॐ सों सोमाय नमः
चंद्रमा का बीज मंत्र
ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्रमसे नमः

Importance of Moon in Astronomy

In astronomy, the moon has been considered the satellite of the planet Earth. Just as the Earth revolves around the Sun, the Moon revolves around the Earth. The movement in the water on Earth is due to the gravitational force of the Moon. The sun is the brightest moon on the sky after it. When the moon comes between the Sun and the Earth while orbiting it, it takes the Sun, then that position is called Solar Eclipse. Mythological significance of the moon The lunar planet is worshiped as a lunar deity in Hinduism. According to Sanatan Dharma, the Moon is the god of water element. Lord Shiva is wearing the moon on his head. Monday is the day of Chandra Dev. In the scriptures, Lord Shiva is considered the lord of the moon. Hence, people who worship Bholenath are also blessed by Chandra Dev. The Mahadasha of the Moon is ten years old. According to Srimad Bhagwat, Chandra Dev is the son of Maharishi Atri and Anusuya. The Moon has sixteen arts. In mythological scriptures, the Moon is called the father of Mercury and in the directions it is the lord of the aerial direction. Thus you can see how widespread is the importance of the lunar planet in Hindu astrology. A human body has more than 60 percent water. From this, you can get an idea of ​​the effect the moon will have on humans.

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