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Shani Sade Sati - Leo

Shani Saade Sati: Uday Charan

This is the early phase of Shani Sade Sati. During this time Saturn will be in the twelfth house from the moon. Generally, it refers to economic loss, loss from hidden enemies, no-purpose travel, controversy and poverty. In this period you may have to face the problems created by the secret enemies. Relationships with colleagues will not be good and they can create obstacles in your workplace. You may also face challenges in domestic matters, due to which stress and pressure situation will arise. You need to control your expenses, Otherwise you can get into a big economic crisis. During this period, long distance journeys will not be fruitful. The nature of Saturn is to cause delay and tension. However, you will eventually get results. So be patient and wait for the right time. Understand this time of learning and work hard, the circumstances will automatically go right. Do not take any major risk or challenge in business at this time.

Shani Saade Sati: Shikhar Charan

This Saturn is the peak of Shani Sade Sati. Often this round is the most difficult. At this time, Saturn orbiting the Moon indicates health problems, character-infestation, rift in relationships, mental disturbance and sorrow. During this time you will feel difficulty in getting success. You will not get the result of your hard work and will feel tied to yourself. Your health and immunity will not be strong enough. Because the first house signifies health, you need to exercise regularly and take special care of your health, otherwise you may be vulnerable to infectious diseases. Also you may have to face mental depression and unknown fear or phobias etc. It is possible that in this period your thinking, Lack of clarity in work and decision making ability. Accepting the conditions satisfactorily and doing the basic work properly can get you out of this hour of crisis.

Shani Saade Sati: Chasta Charan

This is the last phase of Shani Sati. At this time, Saturn will be transiting the Moon in the second house, indicating difficulties on the personal and financial front. After going through two difficult steps of the year and a half, you will feel some relief. Yet the misconception economic pressure can be seen during this time. The expenditure will increase and you still need to rein in it. The possibility of sudden economic loss and theft also cannot be ruled out during this period. Your thinking may be negative. You must face situations with enthusiasm. You need to pay more attention personally and family, Otherwise, a lot of problems can arise. There may be a slight negative impact on education for students and they will need to work harder to stay at the previous level. Results will be slowly and often always delayed. This time-zone also shows the danger, so special caution is required while driving. If possible, keep Shani happy by staying away from meat and alcohol. If you will work wisely, then you will be able to solve problems related to domestic and economic matters. Note: The above predictions are of a general nature and are based on common assumptions, according to which a year and a half of Sati is harmful. But according to our experience this does not happen in every situation and we request readers to read this article. It is not right to draw any conclusions on the basis of only one and a half years and there is a lot of possibility of it being wrong. Before deciding whether the duration of one and a half years will be good or bad, analysis of some other things like the ongoing condition and nature of Saturn etc. is also required. You are advised not to take the above mentioned statement seriously and if you have any doubt, consult a good astrologer. Solution
Shani Mantra: Unpronouncement (19000 times in 40 days)
Saturn donation: Donate buffalo or black sesame on Saturday
Fast for Saturn: keep fast on Saturday
Shani Puja: Worship Hanuman
Shani Rudraksha: Wear 14 Mukhi Rudraksha
Shani herd : root of the metal
Shani Ratna: Sapphire

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