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Kalsarp Dosh

What is Kaal Sarp Yoga or Kalsarp Dosh?

There are many powers all around us, which we do not see but continue to adversely affect us from time to time, due to which our life gets disturbed and we become directionless from a normal running life. Huh. At birth, man is born with a lot of yogas in his horoscope. Some yogas are very good, some are bad and some are also those which provide mixed fruits means that despite all the comforts of a person, he remains troubled. In such a situation, the person is unable to understand the reason for his suffering and seeks astrological advice . Astrology studies that person's horoscope in full, then he comes to know that there is some kind of defect in his horoscope. According to astrology, there can be many types of cursed yoga in the horoscope. Kaal Sarp Yoga is also one of these doshas.

Effect of Kaal Sarp Yoga

The mere presence of a person in the horoscope of Kalsarp Dosh makes him fearful. People have developed such a belief that Kalsarp Dosh is painful for a person. But it is not necessary that a person only has to suffer due to Kalsarp Dosh. The final decision of this matter can be made only on the basis of the sentiment of the planet located in various ascendant and zodiac signs in the horoscope . There are many people and despite having Kaal Sarp Yoga in their horoscope, they are in high positions and have earned a lot of name, fame and money. For example, India's first Prime Minister can see big people like the late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the late Morarji Desai and Shri Chandrasekhar. Even in his horoscope, Kalsarp was flawed, despite this, these people gained a lot of fame. That is why only after studying horoscope, this latter result can be concluded that how harmful or beneficial is Kaal Sarp Yoga for the native.

Types of Kalsarp Dosh

Kaal Sarp Yoga is mainly considered to be of twelve types. Let us know about them in detail -

  • Eternal time snake yoga - This yoga is formed when Rahu in the first house and Ketu in the seventh house. A person affected by this yoga may have to face physical, mental and problems related to government and court matters
  • Kulik Kaal Sarp Yoga - Kalsarp Dosh called Kulik is formed when Rahu is in the 2nd house and Ketu is in the eighth house. A person suffering from this yoga has to suffer financially and socially. Also, their family situation is also very disconcerting.
  • Vasuki Kaal Sarp Yoga - This yoga is formed when Rahu is in the 3rd house and Ketu in the 9th house in the horoscope. A person suffering from Vasuki Kaal Sarp Yoga does not get along with luck and their life goes through struggle. In addition, there is a problem in the job business.
  • Shankhapal Kaal Sarp Yoga - Rahu is in the fourth position in the horoscope and Ketu is in the tenth house when this yoga is formed. A person suffering from this Kalsarp Dosh has to suffer in the case of financial tightness, mental stress, in the case of his mother, land and family.
  • Padma Kaal Sarp Yoga - This yoga is formed when Rahu is in the fifth house and Ketu is in the eleventh house. In Padma Kaal Sarpa Yoga, a person has the possibility of getting inadequate. Due to sexual dysfunction, a person has problems in getting child happiness. Due to the effect of this yoga there is a possibility of hindering money gain, hindering higher education.
  • Mahapadma Kalasarpa Yoga- In Mahapadma Kaal Sarpa Yoga, Rahu is in the sixth house and Ketu in the twelfth house in the horoscope of the person. A person affected by this yoga has to suffer physical suffering for a long time. Also, such people are unfortunate in the matter of love.
  • Karkotaka Kaal Sarp Dosh - Ketu is in the second place and Rahu in the eighth position in this yoga. Such natives face difficulties in getting jobs and getting promotions. From time to time there is also loss in business and despite hard work they do not get full benefits.
  • Takshak Kalasarp Dosha - The position of this yoga is exactly opposite from that of the eternal Kaal Sarp Yoga. In this Ketu is in the lagna and Rahu is in the seventh. The native of this yoga has to face unrest in marital life. Any type of partnership in business is not beneficial and gives mental trouble.
  • Shankhchud Kaalsarp Dosh - Ketu in Shankchhud Kaal Sarp Yoga is in the 3rd house and Rahu in the 9th house. Due to the effect of this yoga, a person does not enjoy pleasures in life. Such people do not get the happiness of father and often have to suffer in business.
  • eadly Kaalsarp Dosh - Ketu in the 4th house and Rahu in the tenth house causes deadly Kaal Sarp Yoga. Due to the effect of this yoga, there is disturbance and disturbance in the household life. Also, difficulties are faced in the field of jobs and employment.
  • Vishadhar Kalsarp Dosh - Ketu is in the fifth house and Rahu in the eleventh in this yoga. Due to the effect of this yoga, the person is suffering from children. Such people have to face eye and heart related problems. Their memory is not good and higher education is hindered.
  • Sheshnag Kaalsarp Dosh - Sheshnag Kaal Sarp Yoga comes when Ketu is in the sixth house and Rahu is in the twelfth position in a person's horoscope. In this yoga, one has to face secret enemies, get involved in court cases and face mental turmoil and infamy.

Kalsarp Yoga Causes Symptoms Remedy

Kaal Sarp Yoga is a yoga that is reflected in his birth chart as a curse or punishment for any heinous crime committed by the person in his previous birth. That is why every person who believes in astrology etc. should know about Kaal Sarp Yoga due to symptomatic remedy. In such a situation the person becomes physically and financially disturbed. Along with this, she also has child related problems which means either she remains childless or if she becomes a child, she is very weak and sick. Financially, his livelihood is very difficult. Even if the child is born in a wealthy home, he still faces financial loss. Not only financial but that child also has various types of health problems. Instead of being afraid of Kaal Sarp Yoga in a horoscope, one should learn how to prevent or reduce its effects by taking proper astrological advice.

Kalsarp Dosh Nivaran Puja

If the effect of Kaal Sarp Yoga is very harmful for a person, then various remedies can be taken to overcome it. In our astrological scriptures, all such measures have been described, through which all kinds of planets and obstacles and doshas can be pacified. Let us know some easy steps to overcome Kaal Sarp Yoga -

  • If there is a mishap between the husband and wife in personal life, then you should worship the idol of Lord Krishna or Bal Gopal in which he is wearing a peacock crown on the head and install a statue in his house every day. Also chant Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya or Om Namo Vasudevaya Krishnayaya Namah: Shivaaya Mantra. By doing this regularly, there will be peace of Kalsarp Dosh.
  • If you are having problems in employment due to Kaal Sarp Yoga or if you are not getting employment, then you can finely dip the flower of Palash in cow urine. Then dry it in the shade. Now make it into a powder and mix it with sandalwood powder to make the shape of a trident on the Shivling . By doing this you will get a job in 21 days or 25 days.
  • If a person's horoscope has Kalsarp Dosh then he should worship the family of Lord Shiva daily. This will keep all your stalled work done. If you are afraid of the enemy, then make silver or copper snakes and put a surma in his eyes on any Shivling, by doing this, the person's fear is removed and even the hidden enemies are destroyed.
  • Offer hemp with sweet milk daily on Shivling . By doing this, the anger is calmed, and the person starts getting success fast.
  • Fill seven types of cereals, urad dal, jaggery, and mustard in coconut shells. Now drain it into running water or dirty water of drain etc. By doing this your irritability will go away. You should do this experiment during Rahukaal.
  • Easiest Remedy for Kalsarp Dosh- Anyone who has Kalsarp Dosh should perform Rudra-Abhishek daily in the month of Shravan and chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra daily. By doing this, there will surely be peace in the life of the native and his stop work will begin.

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