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Guru Transist Horoscope 2020

According to Guru Transist horoscope of the year 2020

Guru Gochar 2020 According to Vedic astrology, Guru planets are the lord planets of deities. Guru is the lord of Pisces and Sagittarius. The Guru is high in Cancer and low in Capricorn. These are planets of sky element. According to astrology, if the Guru is auspicious, then the person makes a lawyer, money maker, editor, guru, judge, Ayurveda Acharya, teacher and manager of the bank. Guru planet is the factor of married life and children. If Guru is auspicious, you get a very good life partner and you get marital happiness as well. Good luck comes from children. The Guru imparts higher education and auspicious Guru makes good astrology. Guru has a very deep impact on the brain only when Guru is said to be a factor of knowledge. Guru will transit Saturn in Capricorn on 29 March 2020 and will again return to Sagittarius on 30 June 2020 where he will transit by 20 November 2020. On 20 November 2020, the Guru will transit back to Capricorn. The Guru's communication will remain in Capricorn till the end of 2020 year. Come, what will be the auspicious inauspicious effect of changing the zodiac of the Guru on all our zodiac signs.

Aries Horoscope for Guru Transit 2020

Guru transiting 2020 aries Being the lord of the ninth and twelfth house, you will transit in the ninth house at the beginning of the year. With the effect of this transit, you are getting the blessings of the Guru completely, By which your health will be good and you will feel relaxed mentally. In the end of March, the guru will enter the business sense and there will be an opportunity for new business and he will get progress in the business already running. In the middle of the year, there will be benefit in land related work and investment will also benefit. The dream of a new home will also come true. By coming into the life of a partner, your loneliness will also be removed and marital happiness will also increase. In this transit of Guru, interest in spiritual work will increase and religious visits will also be coincidental. This guru will bring positive impact in the field of education, your hard work will be successful. Money will also be saved due to better economic conditions at the end of the year. Remedy: Apply saffron tilak on your forehead daily and worship the banana tree.

Taurus Guru transit 2020 horoscope

Master transit in Taurus by 2020 master VIIIAnd you are the lord of the eleventh house and at the beginning of the year, the transit of your guru will remain in the eighth house. In the past year, you were searching for some deep research. You will get success results in 2020 this year. If you are thinking of going abroad, then suddenly all the barriers will end and this year your dream will come true. The father will get the benefit of ancestral property. There are some problems related to health. Take care of your stomach and liver. Negligence of food and drink can be a problem. In the middle of the year, interest in religious visits will increase. Time will be good for business. Complete the new project on time so that you get appreciation in the work with profit. Be careful about money in the end months of the year. Suddenly someone connected with wealth Do not invest otherwise it may result in loss. There may be differences with family members and due to this differences mental tension will remain. Remedy: You should distribute stationery to students on Thursday and offer water to Peepal tree this year.

Gemini Horoscope for Guru Transit 2020

According to Guru Transit 2020, in the Gemini sign, Guru is the owner of the seventh and tenth house and if transited in the seventh house, your zodiac sign will be completely auspicious. Your health will be good and healthy. If any old work was stopped then it will be completed this year. For business, this transit will bring good results and the economic situation will increase with profit. This year will be good for new jobs and promotions. Suddenly, with the help of a female friend, there will be interest in new work with money. Stress will reduce with marital life, but due to the Guru's sale from May 14, 2020, any old sourness can again cause poisoning in marital life. Conditions will improve from September itself. In the middle of the year will be interested in some secret research and You will also spend your time in it. There will be a need to be very careful in the field of education. Suddenly you can also change a subject. There is a possibility of traveling abroad but be very careful because signs of sudden accident are also visible. Remedy: You should recite Shiva Sahastranam Stotra regularly and keep a fast on Thursday.

Guru transit 2020 Cancer horoscope

According to Guru Gochar 2020, the planet Jupiter is the lord of the sixth and ninth house of the Cancer zodiac and the Cancer zodiac at the beginning of the year Will transmit in the seventh house. This transit will relieve you from chronic diseases, but can create a new problem in the stomach. Do not be negligent in eating and drinking. Those who were still worried about a loan will be relieved and if you are thinking about investing in business, then this guru will also provide you financial help. Disputes with someone in the family can cause mental stress. Till now, if you were caught in any debate in the court, try spending some money from there and also to establish mutual agreement. There may be some problems related to marital life in the middle of the year. You may have differences with your life partner. If you are unmarried, then at the end of the year, this guru will introduce you to your desired companion and also get married. Remedy: Keep a fast on every Thursday and wear five Mukhi Rudraksha in yellow thread around the neck.

Leo horoscope of Guru transit 2020

गुरु गोचर 2020 के अनुसार गुरु ग्रह सिंह राशि के पंचम और अष्टम भाव का स्वामी है और वर्ष की शुरुआत में पंचम भाव में ही गोचर करेगा। यह समय शिक्षा के लिए बेहतर रहेगा आप डटकर मेहनत करें। इस समय में मनचाहा परिणाम मिलेगा और विषय के चुनाव में भी सीनियर की मदद मिलेगी। विदेश जा कर पढ़ने की सोच रहे हैं तो आपका यह सपना भी सच होगा और माता पिता से धन का भी पूर्णतः सहयोग मिलेगा। साल के मध्य में नौकरी में कोई बदलाव न करें नही तो जहां अभी काम कर रहे है वहां से भी हाथ धो बैठेंगे। अगर आपके कोई विरोधी हैं तो इस समय में आप सावधान रहें। किसी पुराने वाद-विवाद की वज़ह से मानसिक परेशानी हो सकती है। जीवन साथी के साथ मतभेद दूर होंगे और घर में खुशी का माहौल बनेगा साथ ही जीवन साथी के साथ धार्मिक यात्रा पर भी जाने का योग बना हुआ है। कर्ज़ के लेन देन में सावधानी रखें। Remedy: You worship Lord Shiva regularly and offer wheat to him and provide food to Brahmins on Thursday.

Guru transit 2020 Virgo horoscope

Guru is the lord of the fourth and seventh house of the Virgo zodiac and is transiting in the fourth house at the beginning of the year. This time would be better for business. The time to invest in new business will be good and it will benefit by keeping pace with the partner. You will get the desired job and according to your hard work you will also get promotion. If you are going to make an investment related to the land, then there will be profit and the dream of taking your home will also fulfill this transit. Vehicle may also cost. If there is a debate with someone, instead of getting more involved there, it would be better if you try to keep pace. An old, angry partner can come back into your life, which will also bring back love in your life. At the end of the year with the desired partner Marriage can also take place. If you are thinking of taking a loan for some work then it will also be available in time. At the end of the year, there will be happiness of children. This was the horoscope of the Virgo zodiac of Guru Transit 2020. Remedy: You should wear a gold chain around your neck on Thursday and make pudding of gram flour and offer it to Lord Vishnu and then distribute it to people as Prasad.

Libra Guru transit 2020 horoscope

The planet Jupiter is the lord of the third and seventh house from your zodiac sign and will transit in the third house from the zodiac sign at the beginning of the year. According to Guru Gochar 2020, this guru will act as the nectar in your married life and will also give a great achievement to your partner. Will increase your family happiness. For those interested in the game, this transcender can send you to play at a higher level even if you make good efforts. There will be some challenges related to business. It will be better if you work patiently in the workplace. Move slowly, only then will the path of progress be opened. In the middle of the year, with better economic conditions, you can buy a big material item. Any kind of time will be troublesome on behalf of children. Negligence can cause mental stress. There will be interest in spiritual work after September and there will be a trend in religious visits. There will be opportunities for promotion in the field of jobs and promotion will also be available according to hard work. It would be better to avoid any differences with the seniors. Remedy: You should donate gram lentils to a temple on Thursday and donate reading material to the children studying.

Scorpio Horoscope for Guru transit 2020

The planet Jupiter is the lord of the second and fifth house from your zodiac and is transiting from the zodiac at the beginning of the year. This transition will be better for the economic situation and all the work related to money will be done. Your speech will be full of knowledge and your advice will be of great use to people. But do not make any promise to your speech that you cannot fulfill on time. According to Guru Gochar 2020, time is better for business, do not think of new business in the middle of the year nor invest in business. There will also be an opportunity for a new project in the middle of the year and you will get an opportunity to proceed with appreciation by completing it on time. If there are any differences with the family, then it will be better if you make a distance for some time. All on the way to the master Will become normal by itself. Marital life will remain pleasant time with partner and mutual love will also increase. Some good news will come from the children, which will create a happy atmosphere in the family. Remedy: You should feed a brown cow with jaggery filled with flour and apply turmeric vaccine and respect the elders of the house.

Sagittarius Guru transit 2020 horoscope

Guru is the lord of your zodiac sign as well as the fourth house from your zodiac sign. The transit of the Guru is also made in your zodiac sign. This time will be of interest in knowledge, education, spiritual and religion. Time will be good for your health and at the end of March this guru will transcend your zodiac sign in another house, Due to which the economic condition will also be better and speech will also remain effective. If any research or education was still stalled, then during this transit, it will also start running smoothly as described in Guru Gochar 2020. Your love marriage will be completed with your desired partner. Time is not very good for a new job. Take steps very thoughtfully. If you want to take money from someone, then this time will be better, you will have to talk with a lot of love only then money will come back. Take very thoughtful steps for loan transaction. Remedy: To get favorable results, you should especially wear Pukhraj Ratna . You can wear this gemstone in a gold ring ie ring in your index finger between 12 to 1 in the afternoon on Thursday.

Capricorn Guru transit 2020 horoscope

Capricorn is the lord of the twelfth and third house from your zodiac sign Capricorn at the beginning of the yearIs transiting in the twelfth house from This transit is making profit from traveling abroad. There will also be interest in religious visits. During this transit a new partner will come in your life who will connect with you emotionally. At the end of March, due to the presence of your guru in your zodiac sign, you will be interested in works related to knowledge and education, so that your new identity will give you respect in society. The middle of the year is not the best time for business. It is also described in Guru Gochar 2020 not to think about any kind of investment and due to differences with the partner, the work may face obstacles. Marital life can also be differed due to the teacher's attentiveness. You should understand your household very wisely Have to take care of life. Beware of an old friend at the end of the year. Disputes can be caused by money lanes. Which can also end old friendship. Remedy: To get the blessings of Lord Guru Jupiter, you should wear the root of the Peepal tree. You can sew this root in yellow cloth or thread and wear it in the sleeve or neck.

Aquarius Guru transit 2020 horoscope

Guru is the lord of the eleventh and second house from your zodiac sign and at the beginning of the year, he is transiting in the eleventh house. During this transit money will be benefited and your stop work will be done. You will get the support of new friends so that you will also go for a walk to spend some time with them. According to Guru Gochar 2020, at the end of March, this guru will transit from your zodiac in the twelfth house and during this time you will also have the possibility of going abroad. If there was any debate related to money till now, you will get rid of it at this time. This is the best time to invest in land and any old investment will also benefit. At the end of the year, there are chances of accident suddenly, so drive the vehicle very carefully. Job change Even time is not good. While doing work, keep doing the same. If you are getting any new opportunity, then start only after September. Remedy: You should offer water every Thursday without touching the peepal tree and if possible, make yellow rice and offer it to Goddess Saraswati.

Guru transit 2020 Pisces horoscope

Guru planets are the lord of the tenth house from your zodiac sign and your zodiac sign is transiting from the zodiac at the beginning of the year. This guru will give you success in your work and will help in creating your new identity in your field of work. This transit will be better for new business and you will also be busy after getting any new project. At the end of March, this guru's transit will be in Capricorn, ie in the eleventh house from your zodiac. This time would be good for the financial situation and for the benefit of money. Your friends will support you and you will get good news from child side too. If you wanted to be transferred at the desired place in the job, then it will also be met with the help of your senior. In the middle of the year in marriage, the arrival of a third or someone Due to old differences, mutual tension can be created. If we walk very wisely, then the matter will not get worse. This was the complete horoscope of Pisces as per Guru Transit 2020. Remedy: You should chant Jupiter Beej Mantra ां Grand Green Grown: Guruve Namah daily starting from Thursday and wearing mostly yellow and cream colored clothes.

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