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Gemstone Calculator

This gemstone calculator tells about the appropriate gemstone after calculating the weak and strong positions of the planets in the person's birth chart . Correct inspection of the horoscope is always necessary to wear the gemstone . If the gemstone is worn without proper analysis of the horoscope, then it can be harmful for the native. To know about the right gemstone according to the zodiac, fill your information in the form given below:

What is Gemstone?

Gems are a type of precious stone which is very impressive and attractive. Gems are used in works like jewelery making, fashion and astrology etc. due to their special properties . According to astrology, gemstones contain divine energy, which helps in the welfare of human life. The gemstone is often indicated by "ratti". Since ancient times, gems have been used for spiritual activities and healing. Gems are a repository of powers, which enter the body through touch. The gemstone can positively or negatively affect the wearer - it depends on the way it is used. All gems have different magnetic powers. Many of these gemstones are very beneficial for us from the treatment point of view.

Why do you wear gems?

According to Vedic astrology, every planet is related to some other gemstone and similarly every planet is associated with some other planet. For example, the Sun is associated with the Manikya Ratna, the Moon with a pearl, the emerald of Mercury, the Guru's topaz, the Venus with a diamond, the Saturn with a sapphire, the Rahu's onyx and the Ketu with a garlic. The change of fortune in the life of any human being comes according to the state of the planets in the horoscope. Man has always tried to make inauspicious planets auspicious or to make auspicious planets more auspicious for himself, for which he keeps taking many measures, such as chanting mantras, charity, charity, bathing, holding gems, holding instruments. , Deva-devi darshan etc. In all these, wearing gems is considered an important and effective remedy. Gems enhance the beauty of the body in the form of jewelery, along with the effect of their divine power, they also prevent diseases.

How many types of gems are there?

Just as there are seven planets, seven colors, seven notes of music, seven days, seven chakras in yoga, seven glands in the body, similarly there are also seven important gems, which we call Manikya, pearl, coral, emerald, topaz, They are known by the name of Hira and Neelam. Apart from this, onyx and garlic are 2 more gems which are very popular and they are also very important. These seven gems are also the zodiac of the planets, the lord of the 12 zodiac signs. Let us know which gemstone is suitable for which amount.

Amount Lord planet Zodiac sign
Aries and Scorpio Mars Coral
Aries and Scorpio Mars Coral
Taurus and Libra Venus Diamond
Gemini and Virgo Wed The page
Sagittarius and Pisces Jupiter Topaz
Capricorn and Aquarius Saturn Sapphire
Lion Sun Ruby
Cancer Chandra Pearl

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